Cheap guest house accommodation on Indian Railway stations

Got an early morning train to catch?  Or spending night at the railway station in a connecting route? Don't get tired by sitting in the waiting room. Go and book a retiring room instead!

Getting a room right at the railway station is one of the best facilities of Indian railways which many few people know about.

Place to sleep!
Do you know?
Do you know that you can sleep on a clean comfortable bed at the railway stations by paying a little extra for a dormitory, or a single/double room?

The facility
Majority of railway stations in India have a guest house and dormitory located in the railway station premises. The price for these are very less as compared to other expensive hotels located around railway stations.

 The rooms are kept clean and there are disturbances. These rooms are safe as these places are located just at the railway station usually a throne stow away from railway platform.

However, many of the small stations where population is less then 1 lakh do not have a guest house/dormitory facility. Apart from that all the stations where the express/mail train stop do have this facility.

The cost
  • Dormitory bed - Rs. 75 per night.
  • Separate double bed room - Rs. 300-400   per night
Things to remember:
  • These beds/rooms can only be booked if you have ticket of a train with scheduled departure within 24 hours.
  • You have to show your identity card before you can stay.
  • Sometimes the rooms are all booked. So do not depend upon these.
  • Advance booking is possible but you will have to book the room in advance from the same station.
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How can i check availability of retiring room at hazrat nizamuddin railway station

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