How to increase ticket confirmation chances?

Do you know? There are some tricks on how you can book tickets that have higher number of chances to get confirmed.
Its all about booking tickets considering quotas, stations, time of the day/year etc.
Once you know these things you can easily book tickets that have higher confirmation chances.

Want to know how u can increase your ticket confirmation chances?

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Railway concessions for students

Many few people know that railway offers concession for different categories of people. In this post we will talk about different discounts available for students.

Half priced for college students:
  • A monthly season ticket can be issued for half the price of normal adult fare ticket .
  • The quarterly ticket for the same would be 2.7 times price of one month ticket. 

FREE Monthly season Pass
  • The students can get a FREE monthly (not quaterly) season pass for a distance upto 150 kms. 
  • Students upto 10th standard get free pass. Girls upto 12th can avail free facility.
  • This free pass can only be used to travel in passenger trains and not in mail/express. 
How to get  a free season pass
To get a season pass you will have to contact nearest train ticket booking counter. Here you will have to show proof of student. ID card etc.


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