Taking your bike or motorcycle on the train

Moving out of the city? Or going on a travel trip? here are some tips that will help you to make an informative decision on how you should take your bike on train (or not)

In order to take the bike, you must:

  • Documents: Carry bike registration and insurance papers.
  • Your ID Card, PAN/ Driving license etc

Two methods!
There are two ways to take the bike

  1. As a luggage -
  2. Parcel

Both these methods are explained in detail below

1. As a Carry- Luggage
In this method, you can take your bike as your luggage in the parcel van of the train. 

Features of this method:
  • Take bike along with you in the train. Just reach the railway station 2-3 hours before the departure of the train. Go to the inquiry counter to pay for the extra luggage (motorcycle).
  • Get the ticket for your bike and delivery challan (slip) which you will be required to show while collecting the bike at the destination station.
  • Make sure you keep the delivery slip properly. Because if you loose it you might have to go a very long procedure to get your bike! (Court affidavits etc). This may be even a bigger problem if the bike is not under your name

  • Average cost 
    Upto 500 kms   = 1200 rs
    UPto 1000 kms = 1700 rs
    Upto 2000 kms = 3000 rs
Benefits of this method
  • Quickest way to travel with the bike!
  • Bike travels in same train as yours. You can check how its kept in the parcel van. 
  • You can keep a check on packing quality of the bike.
  • You get the bike as soon as you de-board at the destination! So you don't have to make additional visits to the railway station!
  • Perfect for travelers who are going on a vacation for few days or just a couple of weeks! You get the bike as soon as you get down at your destination and save money on public transport! :)

Cons of this method:
  • Cost: Bit expensive as compared to parcel method (discussed below)
  • Managing the whole thing:
    You have to take the headache of unload the bike from parcel van if your destination station is not the last stoppage of the train.

    Yes, many a times the railway porters may miss to unload because of any reason (short stoppage time of the train etc). This may create a lot of trouble for you as if missed the bike will go to the last station of the train and then come back after a few days.

Other tips
  • This method is very good and appropriate for short term trips!
  • Try to book ticket in a train where your destination station is the last stop of the train. This way it will be easier for you to getting the bike unload without any hassles and hurries!

2. As a Parcel
The parcel method is like sending a  snail mail

Features and how it works!
  • Take the bike to the parcel office (most important major railway station have it) during the working hours and register the parcel.
  • Take the delivery challan slip.
  • The bike will be sent in any train to the destination station and will reach in around 4-5 days depending upon the distance.
  • Cost
    • 500   kms     :    700   rs
    • 1000 kms     :  1200 rs         

Conclusion and final steps

  • Can i take bike which is not in my name?
    Yes, of course you can! You just need the original papers of the bike to carry along with you! Just to avoid any problems you can get letter of authority from the owner
  • Do i have to pay bribes to get the bike on/off the train?
    Hard to say, in most cases without bribe would be fine! In some cases the porters may ask you for an extra tip and if given give more care to your vehicle. It is just a bad practice followed.  Try to stay firm and polite if they ask for any such requests.
  • Will my bike be damaged?Little bit here and there!  Possible! May or may not have any scratches at all!

    If your bike is shining new with very fragile parts then it would be very vulnerable to getting  damaged because the parcel van is filled with small/big parcels of different sizes and type.

    Also depends upon the care by the porters while loading it in the train. So make sure you get it well packaged and stand when they are loading the bike in your train.

    Train transport method is good only if you have a bike which is not fragile!

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