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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Pushkar railway station


The Pushkar railway station is located near the town of Pushkar.

If you are planning to travel to Pushkar please do not use the train route unless you are ready to spend 3 hours to cover 15 kms.

Yes the Pushkar has only one train from Ajmer in the morning and it takes a loooong time to reach to Pushkar

But if you want to enjoy the countryside then it is much fun to travel in the train!

You do not need reservation because it has only General Class coaches.


  • Timing: 9 am from Ajmer Railway station
  • Distance covered: 15 kms
  • Fare: 5 rupees

Ajmer To delhi best train


Do you plan to visit Delhi from Ajmer Railway station?

Here are some tips

1. Chetak express 
is one of the fastest train. It runs everyday and it is a night journey of 6 hours.
Cost of ticket for sleeper is 300 rs and AC is upto 700 and 2nd AC is 1100 rs

This is a good train but because it starts from Udaipur it does not get much seats in Ajmer.

2. Shatabdi Express
It is a day train which starts at 4 o clock and you can almost always get a seat in this train. The tickets are usually high priced. It reaches Delhi at approximate 11 o clock.

3. Jan Shatabdi train
The jan shatabdi train does not run daily but only on friday and sunday. It is one of the cheapest and quickest.

2nd class ticket only costs 165 rs and AC chair car ticket will run for 500 rs approx.

It runs early morning

4. Rajdhani Superfast
Rajdhani trains are premium trains and the timing of this train is convenient if you want to travel overnight.  Cost of the ticket starts from 1100 rupees. Tickets are usually available in the train but not easily because it starts from Ahmedabad.

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