Delhi to Agra Train

Are you planning to travel to Agra via Delhi? Here is a quick guide on how you can make your journey quick and affordable!


Step 1. Decide which station you want to START your journey from!
Delhi has various satellite railway stations.

  • New Delhi railway station , 
  • Old Delhi, Railway station 
  • Delhi Cantt
  • Okhla Nizamuddin Shahadara
Here is a map where Stations are Marked 

Agra lies in south of Delhi so trains going from New Delhi and Nizammudin go to Agra 

NDLS - New Delhi Railway station
NZM - Nizzamuddin Railway station
AGC - Agra Cantt

Here is a list of the trains > 

Originate from Delhi Station

Train No.NameDeparture Stn (Time)Arrival Stn (Time)Trip Time
12002Bhopal ShatabdiNew Delhi (06:00)Agra Cantt (08:06)2h 6m
12628Karnataka ExpressNew Delhi (21:15)Agra Cantt (00:02)2h 47m
12626Kerala ExpressNew Delhi (11:30)Agra Cantt (14:25)2h 55m
22404New Delhi Puducherry ExpressNew Delhi (23:50)Agra Cantt (02:50)3h 0m
12191New Delhi Jabalpur Superfast ExpressNew Delhi (14:05)Agra Cantt (17:10)3h 5m
12616Gondia Junction Terminus ExpressNew Delhi (18:40)Agra Cantt (21:45)3h 5m
12724A P ExpressNew Delhi (17:30)Agra Cantt (20:37)3h 7m
04012New Delhi Snsi Superfast SpecialNew Delhi (23:55)Agra Cantt (03:05)3h 10m
14212Intercity ExpressNew Delhi (17:40)Agra Cantt (22:05)4h 25m

Trains Passing from Delhi

Train No.NameDeparture Stn (Time)Arrival Stn (Time)Trip Time
04721Shri Ganganagar Nanded Superfast SpecialNew Delhi (23:50)Agra Cantt (02:50)3h 0m
12486Shri Ganganagar Nanded ExpressNew Delhi (23:50)Agra Cantt (02:50)3h 0m
19308Chandigarh Indore Junction Bg ExpressNew Delhi (23:40)Agra Cantt (02:40)3h 0m
22458Una Himachal Nanded Superfast ExpressNew Delhi (23:50)Agra Cantt (02:50)3h 0m
12422Amritsar Junction Nanded Superfast ExpressNew Delhi (23:50)Agra Cantt (02:50)3h 0m
02422Jammu Tawi Nanded SpecialNew Delhi (23:50)Agra Cantt (02:50)3h 0m
22456Kalka Snsi Superfast ExpressNew Delhi (23:55)Agra Cantt (03:05)3h 10m
12716Amritsar Junction Nanded ExpressNew Delhi (13:20)Agra Cantt (16:30)3h 10m
04014H Nizamuddin Pune Junction PremiuNew Delhi (00:10)Agra Cantt (03:25)3h 15m
12920Malwa ExpressNew Delhi (19:20)Agra Cantt (22:40)3h 20m
08798Durg Premium SpecialNew Delhi (19:05)Agra Cantt (22:35)3h 30m
11078Jhelum ExpressNew Delhi (10:20)Agra Cantt (13:50)3h 30m
12138Punjab MailNew Delhi (05:15)Agra Cantt (08:50)3h 35m
18508Hirakund ExpressNew Delhi (08:10)Agra Cantt (11:45)3h 35m
16318Himsagar ExpressNew Delhi (14:30)Agra Cantt (18:30)4h 0m
16032Andaman ExpressNew Delhi (14:30)Agra Cantt (18:30)4h 0m
11450Jammu Tawi Jabalpur ExpressNew Delhi (14:30)Agra Cantt (18:30)4h 0m
16688Navyug ExpressNew Delhi (14:30)Agra Cantt (19:05)4h 35m
18216Jammu Tawi Durg ExpressNew Delhi (19:05)Agra Cantt (00:15)5h 10m
11058Amritsar Junction Lokmanyatilak Terminus ExpressAdrsh Ngr Delhi (19:32)Agra Cantt (00:55)5h 23m
13008U A Toofan ExpressNew Delhi (07:00)Agra Fort (13:02)6h 2m

As you can see most trains going towards Agra start from either New Delhi Railway Station (NDLS) Or Nizammuddin.

So plan your trip accordingly! Book a train which you have easier access to. Generally New Delhi Railway station is better option as it has direct metro connectivity! 

Nizammuddin on other hand does not have direct metro connection and the market around it is a little chaos. 

Step 2 Choosing the Best Train for the journey
If budget is not an issue, best train is Gatimaan Express which starts 8 o clock from Nizammuddin and takes only 1.40 hours to reach to Agra

It has Chair Car coaches and seats are usually available even at last minute.

Following trains are best for this journey in my opinion:

  • FASTEST train:
    12002 BHOPAL SHTBDI -- 1 hour 57 minutes and only 500 rs ticket in CC class

  • Cheapest and most comfortable:
    14212 INTERCITY EXP      4 hours 

There are many other trains available on this route and if you want have a look at all the trains you should head over to to plan and book your ticket

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