Get confirmed railway tickets – ticket suggestion service!

Now you can get a confirmed railway ticket with our ticket suggestion service!


Let’s face it! getting a confirmed travel ticket in railways is next to impossible sometimes. All tickets are booked especially in vacations.

I have traveled extensively in trains and know how to increase your confirmation chances. So here we are offering a consultation service where you can get suggestion on which tickets to book for highest confirmation chances.


How it works?

All you need to do is to send what dates you want to travel. And we will send you suggestions on which tickets will have highest chances of getting confirmed.


Indian railway system is complex and have different quotas for stations/seats etc. Different trains have classes different number of cancellation pattern.

We take in different factors and research where the ticket confirmation chances are highest! So you can have highest confirmation of tickets.

In most cases, we will be able to pull out a confirmed ticket for you right away. If we suggest a ticket that is waitlisted then we will suggest the train and class that has highest confirmation chances for booking!


If you are not happy with the suggestions, you can request a refund after chart preparation of the train you booked by sharing the PNR number within 48 hours of chart preparation.

There are no refunds if the tickets are RAC or confirmed at the time of  suggesting or after chart preparation.

Note: For unconfirmed tickets, you need to share PNR status within 48 hours of chart preparation. No refunds after that!



Do you book tickets?
No we don’t ! we only suggest you which tickets you should book in which trains etc.  So that

Do you hack the railway booking system or something?
Absolutely not!  We just have experience with the ticketing service and we just know which trains/seats will have higher booking chances. So we research it individually for your journey and suggest the ticket.


How to order?

To order simply fill in this form and then contact us on live chat! All orders are done online via chat link or through whatsapp only!

We send suggestions after you make the payment. There is a 100 rs charge for each leg of journey.

  • You can reach on whatsapp +91-9166610456
  • Or interact with us in the forums if you have any questions.


Special offer! 

Currently we charge only 100 rs for every journey suggestion from one station to other.


Please make the payment after discussion, on whatsapp or online chat system!

– 100 rs is for one leg of journey suggestion for upto 6 passengers.
– if we are able to find confirmed seat for your
– please note, we may suggest you to extend your journey ticket. This is done to take benefit of different quotas set for different railway stations.
– Refunds are sole discretion of our team. You are paying for our time. And there are no 100% guarantees.