Getting discounts using circular journeys (return tickets)

  • Are you planning to for a vacation trip? Looking for a huge discount from Indian railways?

Do you know you can get upto 50 and even 60% discount on Indian railways if you pre-book using circular journey?

There are very few discount plans in Indian Railways. for common people For general quota users a circular journey is probably the best way to get a major discount in the trains.

Who will benefit:
This is beneficial only for people who are planning a long trip with multiple stops.

Not only that it will save you money but also save you from the inconvenience of booking individual tickets.

It is much like a flight return ticket which you already know about. The only difference is that, you can have up to 8 break journeys using this ticket. Which you cannot do in Air travel.

That’s the reason why it’s not called a return ticket but a circular journey

What is a circular journey

  • A circular journey is like a return ticket, but you can have upto 8 stops covered in one journey.
  • The source and final destination should be the same (you of course have the option of not traveling on any portion of your break journey). Many people don’t end
  • You can have 8 breaks your journey!

I m sure that a very few people know about this and another few people actually use this facility! But this indeed can get you a very cheap travel even as compared to Shubh Yatra

The Cost Chart
here’s the cost chart that will give you an idea of how much it costs according to distance traveled.

Click on the image to view complete chart

– There is a 40 % and 50% discount for senior citizens
– Half ticket for children below 12 years.

How much money you can save
It depends on how long your total journey is for. If you know about Indian Railway fare system. Longer the journey lesser will be the cost of ticket per km.

For example
-Distance    Price of ticket   >  Cost per km
135 km         150rs             >        1.2 Rs/ km
1000 km       350rs             >          .35 paise per km
2200 km       500rs             >         .22 paise per km

Booking one ticket means less cost p km This can come to almost
So, under a circular journey ticket you calculate the total distance and pay the ticket fare accordingly. And you can have the privilege to break the journey that’s where you really save the money!

Example Savings (How much you can save)
Let‘s do a little bit of math and try to calculate how much we can save in all India journey like this one> 

In this example, we’ll see how much money can be saved using this method.

Let’s say your journey starts from Delhi and trip is something like this >
Trip plan
Source      1st             2nd                3rd            4th       5th           6th                 7th                   8th
Delhi >    Jaipur  >  Ahmedabad > Mumbai > Goa > Cochin > Bangalore > Kanyakumari      Chennai

Total distance (in kms) : 7304 kms

Here is the cost break down of travel without circular journey
                 JAIPUR- Ahmedabad    Mumbai    Goa      Cochin   Bangalore Kanyakmri   ChennaiDelhi
Distance(km) :  309    +     625     +     480     +   764    +    847    +    623     +  752      +  726   + 2178
Fare (rs)         :  155    +     274     +     229     +   300    +    327    +    274     +  286      +  300   +   528

Total cost without circular journey  ticket: 2673 rs
Cost per km traveled :                                 : 2673/ 7304 km = .35 ps per km

Cost with circular journey ticket
Cost with circular ticket for 7000 kms     1104 rs
That means cost per km comes to around:  1104 / 7304 =  .15 paise per km!

Total savings
In sleeper class =  2673 – 1104 = 1569 (rs saved) >>>>  Total discount  >>>>> 60% !!!

This means 
In 3rd AC          = if a journey costs 10,000 rupees you can save around 6,000 rupees
In 2nd AC         = if a journey costs 20,000 “”              “”          “”          12,000

Things to remember

  • Is there any additional discount for senior citizens?
    There is an additional discount on the ticket fare for senior citizens and other concessions for YUVA, Handicapped, Arjun Awardees, journalist discount etc. You can get that details in the list of 
    concessions post.Using these discounts you can get even more discount upto 70% of the general ticket!


  • Can you book different classes on the same route?
    You can have mix classes of travel. 
  • How to book
    For booking such a ticket you’ll have to make the plan and contact the station master who will formulate a final plan for you. 
  • Is there any validity period?
    Yes, it will depend upon your distance

    2000 km = 15 days
    4000 km = 30 days
    6000 km = 45 days

  • Is this discount fixed 60%?
    No. There is no fixed discount.How much discount you will get depends upon various factors, like the types of trains you travel and classes of coach. So How much total money you will save is subject to your specific plan.

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  1. That's interesting. Ok. But how do we ensure 'Reservation' in each leg of the journey… Do we depend on the Station Master for that…
    What if some legs have confirmed, and some waitlisted and which do not get confirmed at the end..
    Also, these breaks – are they flexible… Meaning to say, do you need to have a rock-solid initial itinerary, with confirmed reservations for each leg – to be allowed to buy a circular journey ticket…
    (OR) can you stay as long as you need in one leg, and change your travel dates planning at any point of time.. What happens to the confirmed berth reservations in such cases…

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