Pay for sleeper – travel in AC

Do you know that while you book a reservation ticket, by choosing the option of “Auto-upgradation”  you can travel in higher class without paying any extra fee?


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What is auto-upgradation?
It is a feature of railway reservation system where people from lower classes like the sleeper would get an accommodation in higher class in case there are vacant seats.

The hierarchy of the classes is as follows:
in Mail/express trains > 2nd Sitting > Sleeper  > 3AC >  2AC  > 1AC
In Shatabdi etc           > 2nd sitting > AC chair car >  Executive car

This is not a very uncommon trick, but very few people use it. May be because it does not work most of the times. Especially during high season time there are no vacant seats available.

Here are some situations where it will have high chances to work:

  • This trick has a high chance to work mostly in short route intercity trains. AC compartments and coaches do not have enough bookings. They go empty several times. For example, Ajmer to Jaipur inter-city express rarely have any bookings and hence a chance of getting a ticket auto – upgraded very high.
  • If you are traveling in off-season then also chances of getting a high class free upgradation is very high!

How to apply for auto-upgradation ?

  • While filling a railway ticket booking form make sure you write YES on the option of auto-up gradation option:
  • If you are booking an online ticket. You must click at [ ] consider for auto up-gradation while filling passenger details on the bookings page.

So have you ever used this free gift from railway? Or did you know about it?

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