Ticket transfer on different name

You can transfer your ticket to someone in your family. This facility is useful when you cancel your travel plan and someone else in your family decides to travel.

This process takes time and couple of visits, but can be useful considering the fact that booking a new ticket might be subject to seat availability in the train. Another benefit is that there are is no additional fee.

It may help you in a situation where you are unable to travel for some reason and still use the ticket for your relative.

Here are some key points of this facility

  • Whom to approach
    You must approach to the Station Master at least 24 hours before the schedule departure of the train. With relevant documents.
  • Transfer to Relatives
    Only blood relatives are allowed to transfer tickets. Husband and Wife transfers are allowed.
  • Documents required
    Following documents will be required for both parties:

    • Age of birth proof
    • Relation proof
  • Government offices
    can also transfer ticket on name of different officer on duty.
  • Recognized educational institutions
    are allowed to transfer tickets amongst students. A written letter is required from head of institution requesting the same.
  • Marriage parties
    The head of a marriage party must contact the station master 48 hours prior of departure of the train.

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  1. Hi vikas

    Kids and parents should be allowed. You must always confirm from nearest railway station. As some rules are ambiguous.

    Marriage parties simply means bulk reservation for marriage purposes or even other purposes. (confirm with railway authorities before you make a decision here)

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