Travel in India at a rate of $5 a day including meals using an Indrail pass

 Indrail pass is available only for foreign tourists who are visiting India. They can get this pass to travel unlimited without any reservation on any train in India for different periods of time.

This pass is made available on the lines of a EuroRail pass in the Europe.

Photo of an IndRail Pass mentioning the days of validity and other details:

How much does it cost?

Prices in US $

Period of Validity AC 1 First Class/
AC-2 Tier/
AC-3 Tier/
AC Chair Car
Sleeper Class/
Second Class (Non-AC)
Adult Child Adult Child Adult Child
Half Day 57 29 26 13 11 6
One Day 95 47 43 22 19 10
Two Days 160 80 70 35 30 15
4 Days 220 110 110 55 50 25
7 Days 270 135 135 68 80 40
15 Days 370 185 185 95 90 45
21 Days 396 198 198 99 100 50
30 Days 495 248 248 126 125 65
60 Days 800 400 400 200 185 95
90 Days 1060 530 530 265 235 120

The best plan is definitely the 90 days plan because in this the per day cost of traveling in AC chair car would be around $530. Per day cost of traveling for 90 days in the First Class/AC2 would come to approximately $5. (250-300 rupees)


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Benefits of a train pass
There are two major benefits:

  • “I make no plans” style travel, just hop-on!
    The major benefit of this pass is that you can hop in on any train  (in your pass category coach) even if you do not have a prior reservation. You will never have to pay any fine or extra fee.So with this plan, you can hop-on to any train you like and get down at any station that you will. Spend time at one place and catch another train. You can even get the sleeper birth in the night and save on hotel charges. Without having to worry about spending any time in reservatio ques and all that hassle.
  • Even book the reserved seats!
    You can even book reserved seats in advance using the pass. Unlimited number of tickets can be booked during your booking period.But the seat births are subject to availability. Make sure you take advantage of foreign tourist quota in order to use it.

Is IndRail Pass worth the money?

  • Circular trip will save more money
    The total cost of the pass may NOT come out to be LESS then what you would otherwise pay on a circular trip on Indian Railways.
  • More expensive then normal tickets!
    In fact if you don’t travel too much often then this pass would turn out to be more expensive then normal tickets.
  • Per Day cost
    The per day cost of traveling comes to around $5 in the 2AC . Even if you spend 1 day traveling in every 3 days. You will still not be able to break even using this pass.
  • The main benefit is convenience The real benefit of using this pass is convenience of not getting into ques and reservation. Enjoy all the fun of unplanned travel without any headaches!
  • All trains covered!
    You can even hop on in trains like Rajdhani and Shatabdi where free meals are provided. This applies only if you have AC class pass.
  • It might save a little money if you use it a lot!
    It’s one of the few things in the world that costs less if you use it more! If you travel more with this card regularly then your per km cost would come down!If you happen to plan to travel a lot in the train then it surely would be a great money saver too. But don’t expect to save a lot of money using this pass. You might save a 5-10% even if you travel aggressively.

    But then you don’t just want to spend all the time in train. But get down and see other places too! Right?

If you are out to save money then consider booking a circular rail trip.

But if you want the convenience to hop on to any train and do a random style trip. An IndRail Pass would be more beneficial for you.

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